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Cleaning Up My Finances

About six months ago, I could tell that I needed help. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my finances in order. I was spending way more than I earned each and every month, and it was absolutely devastating to my pocketbook. One day, I realized that all of my credit cards were maxed out, and that I was past due on my rent. I knew that I was going to get kicked out of my apartment for not paying, and so I started exploring the possibility of borrowing money from a lender. Long story short, my credit was in terrible condition, and I ended up declaring bankruptcy to make things right. Check out this blog to learn more about cleaning up your finances.

Using Bankruptcy Protection For A New Start

Bankruptcy protection can be the only avenue for escaping extreme debts. Despite this protection being extremely useful, most individuals will not be informed enough about their rights or the processes involved with bankruptcy to take advantage of this protection.

Appreciate That Obtaining Bankruptcy Protection Can Take Some Time

Most legal processes and tasks will take some time to complete, and this is the same for the process of filing for bankruptcy protection. The start to the conclusion of these proceedings can last several months. While this process can take weeks to months to be completed, creditors will have to stop their collection actions, and this can provide immediate relief.

Minimize The Amount Of Debt That You Take On Prior To Starting The Filing Process

There can be a tendency for individuals to take on unnecessary debt in the lead up to filing for bankruptcy protection. This is often done with the intent of escaping the need to pay these debts through the bankruptcy process. However, the bankruptcy process will require any newly acquired debts to be closely scrutinized to ensure that this is not occurring. In some instances, it can be possible for the courts to deny the inclusion of these debts in the bankruptcy process, which will leave you liable for them in full.

Understand The Limits To The Protection Afforded By Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy protection can offer individuals an opportunity to escape a variety of types of debts. However, it can be common for individuals to fail to appreciate the limits to these protections. For example, there are whole types of debts that are typically excluded and ineligible for bankruptcy protection. Student loans and back taxes are the most common instances of these debts, but it can often be more difficult to discharge any debts that were secured with collateral. As part of the process of filing for bankruptcy, your attorney will analyze your situation to help provide a deeper understanding of the debts that are eligible for this form of relief.

Be Mindful Of Time Limits For Filing For Bankruptcy

Once you have filed for bankruptcy protection, it is important to understand that there are time limits on how often a person can file for bankruptcy protection. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you maximize the debt reduction that occurs when you file for this protection. Some individuals may want to avoid including all of their debts when they are filing for this protection, but this can be a costly mistake that may prevent them from taking full advantage of their bankruptcy protection.

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