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Cleaning Up My Finances

About six months ago, I could tell that I needed help. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my finances in order. I was spending way more than I earned each and every month, and it was absolutely devastating to my pocketbook. One day, I realized that all of my credit cards were maxed out, and that I was past due on my rent. I knew that I was going to get kicked out of my apartment for not paying, and so I started exploring the possibility of borrowing money from a lender. Long story short, my credit was in terrible condition, and I ended up declaring bankruptcy to make things right. Check out this blog to learn more about cleaning up your finances.


How A Lawyer Can Get A Denial For SSDI Benefits Overturned

It's possible that the Social Security Administration may deny your application for social security disability insurance benefits. If you feel as though you were wrongfully denied benefits, you may be able to get the decision overturned if you hire a lawyer. In this article, learn what a lawyer can do to get your SSDI application denial approved.

What Will a Lawyer Do to Get an SSDI Application Approved?

Your lawyer will have to determine if your disability actually gives you the rights to SSDI benefits. He or she will ask what kind of medical condition you are suffering from. You may also be asked to provide medical records that prove you have the medical condition, but the lawyer can get the records for you with a signed release. Your condition must meet certain qualifications for approval, such as interfering with your ability to work for an income like you used to. Your lawyer will ask how long the condition might last, because it plays a major role in the SSA overturning the denial.

After your lawyer has your medical records, he or she will do research on the condition to determine the complications that it can cause. The key to getting SSDI benefits is having solid evidence of how it affects your body and ability to financially take care of your living essentials. Your lawyer will also need proof of your income (if you have any). If the SSA never requested that you are examined by an appointed physician, the lawyer may request that it is done. Your chance of approval is more likely if a physician that is appointed by the SSA is able to confirm your medical condition, even if your own physician has already verified it.

What Will a Lawyer Charge to Assist with an SSDI Application Denial?

It is possible that your lawyer will charge a flat fee if he or she has confidence that the SSDI benefits denial will be easily overturned. He or she may also opt for payment via an hourly rate that is estimated at a minimum of $90. A complicated case can cost over $500 per hour, especially if you have a medical condition that is not typically considered one that will last for a long time.  Your hourly rate will be taken out of a retainer fee that must be paid when you first hire the lawyer. Get the SSDI benefits that you rightfully deserve by hiring a lawyer as soon as you can!

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