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Cleaning Up My Finances

About six months ago, I could tell that I needed help. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my finances in order. I was spending way more than I earned each and every month, and it was absolutely devastating to my pocketbook. One day, I realized that all of my credit cards were maxed out, and that I was past due on my rent. I knew that I was going to get kicked out of my apartment for not paying, and so I started exploring the possibility of borrowing money from a lender. Long story short, my credit was in terrible condition, and I ended up declaring bankruptcy to make things right. Check out this blog to learn more about cleaning up your finances.

Co-Parenting Can Be Tough on Newly Divorced Parents and Their Kids

For many couples going through a divorce, their bitterness toward each other can affect their children. When children are watching their parents go through a divorce, they may feel it is their fault in some way, and they may also imitate one parent's anger toward the other parent. Learn more about how you can avoid the mistakes many divorced parents make that can be detrimental to kids' well-being.

Co-Parenting Can Be New Territory for Newly Divorced Parents

In past years, the mother usually ended up with sole custody of her children after going through a divorce. However, today's divorcees may be two parents working full time, each one working so many hours it would extremely stressful for one or the other to also have full custody of their kids. Many divorced parents these days share custody, making it easier on them while also giving the kids the chance to have a relationship with both parents. Both mother and father will share the responsibilities of tasks like clothes shopping and helping with homework. However, making this situation work can be challenging for parents that have been used to living under the same roof. Some of the following tips can be helpful to newly divorced parents:

  • Avoid moving far away from one another so your kids can visit your ex-spouse without a long trip and the planning that goes along with it. Being close by to one another also makes it easier for each parent to remain involved in the kids' school activities.
  • Agree on a visitation schedule you and your ex-spouse can live with. Set certain days of the week and weekend for the time the kids spend with each of you. Sticking to the schedule you decide on is good for your children because they will come to expect the time they will be with mom or dad.
  • Do not bash your ex-spouse in front of your children no matter what situation arises that makes you angry. Children do not view your ex-spouse in the same way as you do, so remember always to respect your kids and how they feel about your ex-spouse.
  • Be prepared for your ex-spouse to have a new partner. Bear in mind that it will be hard enough for your kids to see their mother or father with someone new, and you saying bad things about that person will only make it harder on them.

Being respectful of your ex-spouse after a divorce is always best to keep down troubling emotions that cause serious issues for the kids. If you and your ex-spouse are trying to come to agreements about your kids, consider visiting a qualified counselor for help to learn ways to control the bitterness and fear that can come after a divorce. Working with a family divorce lawyer is also very helpful. Contact one like Arthur David Malkin Attorney At Law to find out how they can help you.