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Cleaning Up My Finances

About six months ago, I could tell that I needed help. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my finances in order. I was spending way more than I earned each and every month, and it was absolutely devastating to my pocketbook. One day, I realized that all of my credit cards were maxed out, and that I was past due on my rent. I knew that I was going to get kicked out of my apartment for not paying, and so I started exploring the possibility of borrowing money from a lender. Long story short, my credit was in terrible condition, and I ended up declaring bankruptcy to make things right. Check out this blog to learn more about cleaning up your finances.


FAQs Of Filing A Chapter 12 If You Own A Farm Or Fishery

Most people are familiar with Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy filings, but few are aware of Chapter 12. If you are a fisherman or farmer, a Chapter 12 filing could be the best option available to handle debts. Before deciding which filing to use, here is what you need to know about Chapter 12 bankruptcy.  Why Should You File for a Chapter 12? Since your farm or fishery is considered to be a business, filing for a Chapter 7 or 11 might seem like a logical step. Read More 

How A Lawyer Can Get A Denial For SSDI Benefits Overturned

It's possible that the Social Security Administration may deny your application for social security disability insurance benefits. If you feel as though you were wrongfully denied benefits, you may be able to get the decision overturned if you hire a lawyer. In this article, learn what a lawyer can do to get your SSDI application denial approved. What Will a Lawyer Do to Get an SSDI Application Approved? Your lawyer will have to determine if your disability actually gives you the rights to SSDI benefits. Read More 

What Happens To Your House In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a huge decision to make, primarily because of the way it affects your credit, but also because of the effects it can have on your assets. One asset you might not want to lose is your house, yet there is a chance you could in Chapter 7. Here are three ways Chapter 7 bankruptcy can affect the house you live in. The trustee could take the house Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Hiring a bankruptcy attorney is a fantastic option if you are struggling with debt. Below are three great reasons to consider a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Clean Slate One of the best reasons to consider a chapter 7 filing over the alternatives is to get a clean slate. A chapter 7 filing will allow you to discharge most of your debts. However, a chapter 13 filing will still force you to repay your creditors, just on more favorable terms. Read More 

3 Estate Planning Documents You May Need In Addition To A Will

Are you in the process of reviewing your estate planning needs? If so, you'll likely start with a will, which is a basic estate planning document that directs how your assets should be distributed to your heirs. However, it's quite possible that you will need other documents besides a will. There are a number of things a will cannot achieve. For example, a will can direct who assets should go to, but it doesn't control when or how they receive those assets. Read More